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Publications & editions



Reality Check Silk Screen Prints

Limited edition silk screen prints produced for the occasion of the one-day event Reality Check

Signed by the artists Yoonsuk Choi, Ingeun Kim, and Locco

Reality Check, 2013, silk screen print, 59 x 80 cm

Reality Check, 2013

59 x 80 cm

Limited edition of 10



Reality Check, 2013, box set of 12 silkscreen prints, 27 x 27 each

Reality Check, 2013

Box set of 12 silk screen prints

27 x 27 cm each

Limited Edition of 9




Intreccio Mirage Posters

Two versions of limited edition and signed posters available for the occasion of Milly Thompson – Intreccio Mirage.

£ 5 /each


signed limited edition posters



Intreccio Mirage catalogues

Catalogues published on the occasion of the exhibition Milly Thompson – Intreccio Mirage with texts by Michael Archer and Suzie Jung-Eun Lee.

Catalogue                                         £2

Specially printed catalogue      £10

Please contact the gallery at mail@43inverness-street.com to order.


intreccio mirage catalogue