Video of Jughead Collection of Ceramics

Robert Rush, 2013



43 Inverness continues its collaboration with the Glenfidditch Artist in Residency programme

This is the second year that the programme has chosen an artist from Korea with the help of 43 Inverness Street.

Oak Jungho from Seoul, Korea is the second Korean artist to be selected for the international residency programme. He will develop further his project of The Sun Salutations – Surya Namaskar, a piece that combines Korean and Hindu rituals to bestow sublimity and well wishes onto others. Korea has a tradition of gosa, a ritual to dispell evil spirits and invite abundance and good luck and is commonly conducted on the opening day of a store to pray for its prosperity or on the house moving day for a happy life in a new house. In Hindi, surya means “sun” and namaskar means “bow” and “worship”. Surya Namaskar, in the Hindu tradition, is a ritual towards the sun rising early in the dawn to worship MotherNature in the ancient times where prayers kneel down or bow down in their prayer. The current surya namaskar is the most basic posture in yoga.

Oak Jungho began this project in Seoul in which these rituals were performed in non-traditional spaces such as in the busy city centre or in a muddy field with a trolley while wearing a smartly tailored suit. The combination of the unlikely places with insensible clothing and useless props contribute to a feeling of frustration and pathos in his work.

Oak Jungho, Supported Headstand Pose- Salamba Shirshasana



Anthony Faroux at Jerwood Space

An exhibition of new work by the Jerwood Painting Fellows — Anthony Faroux, Susan Sluglett and Sophia Starling will be on view at the Jerwood Visual Arts at the Jerwood Space.

13 March—28 April 2013

JVA at Jerwood Space

171 Union Street, London SE1 0LN


Anthony Faroux, pending stones and rocks, 76 X 61 cm, oil on canvas, 2012



Hyunjhin Baik at Choi & Lager

PV 23 February 2013

24 Feb 2013 – 13 Apr 2013

Choi&Lager Gallery

Wormser Str. 23

50677 Cologne


‘Quantity’, 2011, oil on canvas,130x130cm