43 Inverness Street has begun a collaboration with the Artist in Residency programme at Glenfidditch Distillery in Dufftown, Moray, Scotland in selecting artists from Korea. This is the first year that the programme has chosen an artist from Korea and 43 Inverness will continue to help the programme in introducing Korean artists.

In its tenth year, Glenfiddich AiR invites international artists to work and live for a period of 3 months at the Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown. Each artist is awarded a monthly stipend, free accomadation, an allowance for materials and roundtrip airfair between the artist’s home and Scotland. In return, the artist will leave a piece of work largely created during the residency which is related to Glenfiddich,. Each artist will also take part in exhibitions, installations or performance projects of new or ‘in progress’ work during the residency programme.

During the residency, artists are encouraged to use their time at the distillery and the freedom it offers to create work which meets the aims of the art programme. The work could manifest itself through any medium and be specifically influenced by the family history of Glenfiddich, the people and processes at the distillery or indeed some of the materials specific to the whole process such as copper, steam, water, malt and barrels.

With the help of 43 Inverness Street, Dongwan Kook from Seoul, Korea is the first Korean artist to be selected for the residency programme and she will join six other established artists from India, Taiwan, China, the US and the UK.

Kook is known for her work combining the act of reading with the texts of dreams and memory. Her works take the form of texts, books, drawings, photographs, archival records, and sculptures. They have the quality of the ephemeral and the delicate and present a symbiotic relationship between the artist and the viewer based on reading and interpretation.

Dongwan Kook, Dreaming Piece I, 2010, Paper, Acrylic, Cloth

Dongwan Kook, A Perfect Bookcase 2010, Paint on wood

Dongwan Kook, Mindful Document 2010, Pencil on traditional Korean paper

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