11 May - 8 June, 2013

Rochelle Fry with Squares and Triangles

PV with Live Performance: 10 May, 6-9 pm

Rochelle Fry has paired two new large wood and clay sculptures with sounds created by the band Squares and Triangles for her first solo exhibition in London.

On each of 43 Inverness Street’s floors is placed a 1 meter square wooden box filled with clay and an amplifier. Fry has dug by hand to nearly the bottom of the clay to create a horn-like clawed-at hole. With an intensity of material surface, each of these clay absences is mated to a soundtrack provided by Squares and Triangles.

This exhibition continues Fry’s interest in pushing the basic properties of sculptural mediums to the extreme. In The Idiot, a solo exhibition at The James Hockey Gallery in Farnham,  sculptures were cast in bronze using a technique which pushed the ability of casting to its limits; leaving spindly melted-looking post-geometries of metal as a testament to failure. Yellow silk banners recently shown at Young London, at V22 in London displayed the lightness of colour and material,  where faded sections of taped together textile competed to reach ephemeral buoyancy.

Titled The Story of the Eye 1 and 2, the new works for 43 Inverness Street have a coarsity of procedure;  the digging with the hands creates textures, marks and the holes. Clay is a material mined from the earth through digging. This first digging that makes the material available for use is mirrored in the second digging; the marks and scrapes of digging by hand reinforce this ‘earthy’ materiality. The void left by the hole is refilled with the sounds produced by Squares and Triangles. Sheer weight and the physicality of grappling hands provide the conical cauldron for sonic broadcast.

Rochelle Fry, a graduate of The Royal Academy,  lives and works in London. Her work has recently been included in Young London at  V22 in London. In 2012, she had a solo exhibition at the James Hockey Gallery at UCA Farnham.

Squares and Triangles is a band founded in 2007 in Andersabo, Sweden. It was initiated by a group of artists who were interested in the possibilities of improvised music. The core of the group is Jason Dungan, Dustin Ericksen, Anthony Faroux, Sam Porritt, and Maria Zahle.

This exhibition runs in collaboration with Five Years, as part of the trans-disciplinary project Fragments (also on view at Five Years, from 4th-26th May).  Fragments is an interdisciplinary project with national reach, involving 10 artists and a publication with the support of the Arts Council.