13 November - 12 December 2015


Private views:

Part 1 – Epidermis Thursday, 12 Nov 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Part 2 – Dermis Friday, 27 Nov 6:30 – 8:30 pm

43 Inverness is pleased to present Panacea, a two-part group exhibition curated by Bar Yerushalmi with artists Hannah Honeywill, Michal Baror, Noga Inbar, Omer Even-Paz , and Tessa Tapscott.

What do we do when it hurts? What does it mean to have an open wound?

Panacea is a one month programme exploring the boundaries of the wounded body as a basic platform for understanding unsolved conflicts. With an intensive schedule of two exhibitions, performance programming and a round table session, the project aims to bring together artists, curators, theoreticians and medical researchers to meditate and express their ideas about the wound, questioning how open trauma – whether physical, political or geographical – can become an opportunity to revise bodily experience.

Events are organised by Public Program Curator Sofia Lemos and Performance Curators Louise Ashcroft and Jung-In Jung.

13 Nov, 6 pm – The Wound Dresser, a roundtable and screening event

20 Nov, 630pm – Unperforming, a performance evening curated by artist Louise Ashcroft

Participating performers: Alex Chalmers / Lily Johnson / Fritha Jenkins / Marcus Orlandi, Neela Basu / Charlotte Young / Louise Ashcroft / Alicia Matthews / Jack Catling / Tom Richards / Jennifer Taylor / Susan Merrick

5 Dec, 6 pm – Processing, a musical performance evening curated by artist Jung In Jung

Participating performers: Jung In Jung / Dane Lukic / Ismene King / Elías Merino / Hali Santamas / Phil Maguire / Sandra Ka