1 March - 27 April 2013

Milly Thompson

Intreccio Mirage

PV : Wed 27 Feb 6 – 9pm

Friday – Saturday 12 -6 pm

Closed for the Easter holiday – 24 March – 14 April

Cultivate your curves – they may be dangerous but they won’t be avoided.-Mae West

43 Inverness Street is extremely pleased to announce Intreccio Mirage, a solo exhibition by Milly Thompson. Two new series of wall-based works are presented across the two floors of the gallery.

On the ground floor, luxury branded shopping bags are hung on the walls. Hung on hooks, in groups of seven or eight, each stack curves upward and outward, becoming phallic constructions of commodity accumulation which literalise the phrase ‘passion for consumption’. They are called by Thompson, ‘Muse Privé’, and each has a unique subtitle, for example, ‘Air de le Rêve.’ The multicoloured rising curved collections of comparative shopping prowess are aestheticised through formal rigor. The works pose a question — is this material the result of pleasuring one’s self, or is someone being screwed?

Upstairs, a group of works entitled ‘Desert Siren’ are constructed using elements of  traditional painting supports and draped, sheer fabrics, with the addition of two melon-sized balls sitting near the top and very out-front. With a figurative proportion, the works vertical rectangular format produces a kind of contemporary Venus of Willendorf. Though the ‘clothing’ of these works might appear to be the work of a contemporary fashion stylist, just like Richard Prince’s ad-excerpted cowboys, these emblematic frieze like objects aren’t supplemental to the message. They are the message.

The rise of consumer culture in the west is often associated with the downfall of the political program of the left. The proliferation of individualistic consumer culture coincided with the emergence of the concept of the personal being political. In these works, desirable aesthetic constructions at first indicate the intractability of these two histories. But the slowly turning humour and formal invention of the art in Intreccio Mirage  weave a story much more compelling, and ultimately more important than a consumerist bogeyman or his discursive regime, and it is sexy.

A publication has been produced on the occasion of Intreccio Mirage. Featuring original essays by Michael Archer and  Suzie Jung-Eun Lee. There is a small uniquely printed limited-edition of 50 books and 50 posters signed by the artist available.

Milly Thompson lives and works in London. She was a member of the influential collaborative art-group BANK from 1994 – 2003. Since then she has shown widely – solo shows have included Savoir Faire (2009), Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea; Late Entry (2008), Peer UK, London; Quixotic Sausage Scenario (2010), Caribic, Hamburg; Saucisson Chiffonaire (2011), Caribic, Lisbon and Summer Picnic (2011), at locations including I-land, Bransford Bridge, Worcester/Supernormal, Braziers Park/Piscita, Stromboli. Group exhibitions include ÉVASION (2012), LPG, Coventry; Nothing is Forever, (2010) South London Gallery and Les Biennales, 187 Wilton Street, Glasgow (2012).

please visit http://www.millythompson.co.uk/.