5 October - 17 November 2012

Hyunjhin Baik

5 October – 17 November

PV : Thur 4 October 6-9 pm with a music performance by Baik.
Friday and Saturday 12-6 p.m. or by appointment

43 Inverness Street presents the first solo exhibition in London of the acclaimed artist and musician Hyunjhin Baik.

Hailed by Chan-Wook Park, the director of the film ‘Old Boy’ as ‘a genius of Korea’, Hyunjhin Baik is a well known musician and has produced and directed film and video. Though he studied sculpture in his native South Korea, his current visual art output concentrates on paintings. This show includes 9 works from the past 2 years.

Ranging from serene to chaotic, Baik’s expressive range is created through modulations in brush handling and colour. ‘Quantity’, 2011, is a large figurative image. However, the clarity of facial features is replaced by a virtual catalogue of frenetic mark making. Hints of features — nose, eyes, perhaps wrinkles, are present but not clear. Similar to the movement blur in Francis Bacon’s work, the effect is of recognisability disfigured to near obliteration.  This variety of paint strokes is employed to a different effect in ‘Module 01-06’, 2011. In this work, the different methods of application are joined laterally in a near-monochromatic green trail of dips swings and scrapes. The effect is a calm meditation on the theme of landscape.

Other works contain elements of draughtsmanship, which also tend toward dissoluteness. On the first floor, in ‘0/61’ and ‘1/61’ lines which look like map contours are covered with collaged elements which at once partially obscure and highlight the original referents in the drawing.

Intended as a modest introduction to Baik’s work, this exhibition presents a selection of works, which outline his main concerns in the medium. Selected to suit the context of 43 Inverness Street, works are positioned in a domestic space that has been slightly adapted for public exhibition in a way to highlight their individual differences.

Hyunjhin Baik (b. 1972, Seoul Korea) lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. He studied at Hongik University, Seoul. Recent solo exhibitions in Seoul, Korea include ‘Paintings Next Door’ at Ccuull Ccuull pool, ‘Thirteen Pieces + bonus’ at Doosan Gallery, and ‘The End: The Linear Version’ at PKM Gallery and at Bartleby Bickle and Meursault. Recent group exhibitions include “Ancient Futures” at Culture Station Seoul 284 in Seoul, Korea and ‘Plastic Garden’ at Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai, China. Additionally, his music albums include Break-Even Point (1997), 21st Century New Hair (2000), Time of self-reflection (2008) and Foundation for Instantaneousness (2011). He has also provided soundtracks and musical accompaniment to the work of director Chan-Wook Park and his voice was used for three of the late works of Pina Bausch. He is a lead singer of ‘Uh-Uh-Boo’ project.

43 Inverness Street is an art gallery within a private home. It is conceived as an accessible, intimate space to present challenging exhibitions of contemporary art.

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